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The restaurant "Il Rustico" was born, as all fruits from a strong and genuine passion inherent in each human mind, based on an idea, and even more from a real philosophy. The idea, the philosophy, the need, the duty, to pass on to children and to the future generations the lessons learned from culinary art of traditional families like Mammana, among the oldest and present in eastern Sicilian hinterland. This philosophy, inherent in the genius of the owners, Pippo and Mariella, is combined with the foundation of Mammana’s farm, who has always grown citrus fruits, olives, wheat and grapes, and since 1980 exports the excellence and authenticity of the Sicilian prodigious land in Italy and all around the world. This idea then evolves and sprouts in Pippo and Mariella who desired to disseminate, in a different way, the true flavors of the Mediterranean raw materials. Materials that offer, since the Magna Grecia, an experience unique in the culinary world, thanks to the microclimate of our land.
So in 2002 "Il Rustico" was born, a meeting point for the most refined palates and the most illustrious personages who, curious as children, they sit at the table of Pippo and Mariella, in their "home" and learn the origin of the food, the prosperity of the Sicilian culinary flavors and refined cuisine.
Our philosophy is to engender the refinement, the passion for genuine, homemade, organic and natural products, delightfully worked, but with the intent to manipulate as less as possible so to be able to enjoy the authenticity of typical flavors.
The owners follow, as far as possible, the seasons to always serving dishes whose biological cycle is been dictated by Mother Nature. Moreover, the return to naturalness, that the Mediterranean diet proposes is what all world envies us, is an ever-present theme and fixed the intent of Pippo and Mariella.
The very idea of ​​nature, tradition, authenticity is to found on the family: point of balance and harmony quality that distinguishes them.
The products used are the best you could wish. The highest quality guaranteed by selecting almost exclusively local products. One example are the typical cheese of the nearby cheese factory. Our cured meats and meat arrives from small farms carefully chosen which respect animals, but also among those that use the best methods of breeding and slaughter, to ensure authenticity, food safety and taste. Citrus fruits, extra virgin olive oil, flour, canned, jams, wild herbs and aromatic vegetables are almost exclusively in-house: completely organic, they have grown with expertise provides by Pippo, who in his free time takes care of the family land, lands of the production of IGP Red Orange and extra virgin olive oil DOP Monti Iblei.
The tomato sauce used in sauces is the result of the traditional summer work of harvesting, cooking and preserves of their tomatoes, these completely organic. Fruit and vegetables not typical of Mammana’s farm coming among the best and diligent local growers, selected through the criterion of the care of the land and the biological. 
Other domestic products come directly from the production areas, due to the difficulties of finding them in Sicily. Bufala mozzarella D.O.P chosen between the certified cheese factories in Campania, has always stood for quality and beyond any scandal on dioxin. Speck IGP comes from the factories in San Candido such consortium Speck Alto Adige. Prosciutto DOP superior chosen alternately between the Friulano Consortiums of San Daniele’s Ham or the Parma Ham Consortium selected from the most flavorsome crowns.
IGP Red radish comes from Treviso and IGP Radish rose from Chioggia. Fresh mushrooms from Sicilian woodland and porcini from mountain Etna in winter. Guanciale from Amatrice and the white truffle of Marche or Alba PAT. The pistachio PDO exclusively from Bronte and almonds of Avola or Agrigentina. The Pachino Cherry IGP. The sausages Nebrodi are often accompanied by local cheeses, honey from Etna or from orange flower, jams are homemade with ancient techniques, such as the drying process passed down from generation to generation.
Fontina DOP, the Swiss Emmental, the scamorza Ragusa and the extraordinary and incomparable ricotta cheese, salted and cured according to Catania’s tradition or daily fresh according to Grammichele’s tradition which is often used in many dishes, from appetizers to desserts, it gives freshness, simplicity, harmony, goodness.

You can find all these ingredients in our pizzas and the "Schiaccioni", invented by Pippo and Mariella. Typical of these dishes is the dough, made with organic flour of wheat, often homemade and naturally raised with the "Crescente" (starter yeast. Only “Fior di Latte” mozzarella cheese from Ragusa is used, tomatoes are 100% Italian. This makes pizzas and Schiaccioni highly digestible and tasty, following the homemade pizza that only those who have had a Sicilian grandmother could have appreciated.
The Rustico is also one of the most delicious Piadineria in Sicily. Piadina Typical Romagna made by hand by Mariella and cooked on the traditional “testo romagnolo”.
The wine list carefully chosen with the excellent regional wines: strong and determinate red, delicate white and sweet wine or bitter at the end of a meal to accompany every dessert, always based on the typical tradition.
Mammana’s structure is also a B&b, for those who want to try the experience to the end of a 5-star hotel with the privacy of home and the relaxation of the periphery. By entering in the restaurant, you will be inebriated by an atmosphere that immediately recalls genuineness, warmth, kindness and home.
As described so far confirmed the success of the original idea, foreword of our discourse. The restaurant is in fact in many tourist guides and portals Italian and foreign: The Mangiarozzo, iHotels, Trivago, Routard, Advisor, Alice's throat in his pocket, Booking.com, Italian Touring Club, Facebook, Bed-and-breakfast.it, Airbnb and many others.
The restaurant was also evaluated many times by '' Academy of Italian cuisine ", the" Society of Friends of the table ", the" Chaîne des Rôtisseurs - Association Mondiale de la Gastronomie ", always receiving the approval and the highest score. In addition, the '' Academy of Italian Cooking "awarded the chef Pippo the "License of Typical Cuisine", placing the restaurant" Il Rustico "among the 300 best restaurants in Italy.

The idea, in short, lives and continues to enjoy success and enthusiasm in all who wish to approach to a culinary and cultural experience, unique and unrepeatable in its genre.


“Beh, signora, io la ringrazio e...” principiò il commissario susendosi.
“Perché non resta a mangiare con me?”
Montalbano si sentì impallidire lo stomaco. La signora Clementina era buona e cara, ma doveva nutrirsi a semolino e a patate bollite.
“Veramente avrei tanto da...”
“Pina, la cammarea, è un’ottima cuoca, mi creda. Oggi ha preparato pasta alla Norma, sa, quella con le milanzane fritte e la ricotta salata.”
“Gesù!” Fece Montalbano assittandosi.
“E per secondo uno stracotto.”
“Gesù!” ripetè Montalbano.
“Perché si meraviglia tanto?”
“Non è un mangiare tanticchia pesante per lei?”
“E perché? Io ho uno stomaco che non ce l’ha una picciotta di vent’anni, quelle che vanno serene una giornata intera con mezza mela e una centrifuga di carote. Macari lei è dell’opinione di mio figlio Giulio?”
“Non ho il piacere di conoscerla.”
“Dice che alla mia età non è dignitoso mangiare queste cose. Mi considera un poco svergognata. Secondo lui dovrei andare avanti a pappine. Allora che fa, resta?”
“Resto” fece deciso il commissario.

From Camilleri A. (2002), Il ladro di merendine, in Id., Storie di Montalbano, (a cura e con un saggio di Mauro Novelli, Introduzione di Nino Borsellino), Milano, Mondadori, p. 587.



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